Dryer Operation and Instructions

Your paper dryer is warranted for one year and is designed to give you many years of
trouble free service.Plug the dryer into an electrical outlet and check the
GFIC (Ground Fault Interrupt Circuit outlet) before turning on the switch.
Push in the red or "Reset" button until you feel a click.  Test the GFIC weekly by
pushing the black  or “Test” button and resetting with the red or “Reset” button.
The GFIC will protect you from electrical shock when using your UV paper dryer.

The print screens can be pulled out from the front of the unit, to facilitate
placing the paper in the dryer, by moving them to the left slightly so the
front edge clears on the right side.

Main Off/On Switch

The main power switch located to the right of the GFIC should be in the UP
position to power the unit.  Once you have set the fan speed and temperature
switch at the desired settings for your paper and chemistry, you simply use
the main off/on switch to shut off and turn your unit off.  This will prevent
adjusting fan speed and temperature each time you print.

Fan Speed Switch and Green Light

The fan speed switch is located to the right of the main off/on switch.
Rotate the fan control knob clockwise to the right until it “clicks” on.
Just after the “click” is the maximum fan speed.  Rotating the
knob clockwise reduces fan speed.  Set your fan speed so that dry paper
does not flutter or lift off the drying screen or rub on the screen above.
This setting will depend on you paper weight.  The green light
indicates the fans are running.

Heater Control and Red Light

Warning: Do not operate the heater -red light indicator- unless the dryer fans are
operating - indicated by the green light.  It could possibly damage the heater
and cause a fire in the unit.
Remember: Green light first -then its OK to operate Red light.  Never leave the dryer
operating for an extended time unattended, because electronic control devices
can fail without notice and create a potential fire hazard.

The temperature control is located above the other controls.
Rotate or slide (slides to left) the temperature control knob clockwise to the right
until it “clicks” on.  Just after the “click” is the minimum temperature setting.
Rotating the knob clockwise increases the temperature.
Again, do not operate the heater -red light indicator- unless the unit fans are
operating -indicated by the green light.  The best drying is around the mid position
of the rotator knob style or the slide switch setting.

Electrostatic Filter

Your paper dryer contains an electrostatic filter which removes particulate produced
by the paper drying process.  Heated air is blown over the coated paper and it passes
thru a electrostatic filter element located in the right side of the unit.  The filtered
air is then recirculated around the back side of the unit and returned to the left end
where it passes over the finned-heater element again.  After coating 25 or so prints,
remove the filter by removing the small front piece on the far right hand side of the dryer.
Remove the brass Phillips head screw just inside the main chamber door, towards the front
and on the right side of the unit.  Carefully remove the front piece.

Its best to treat the material captured on the filter as hazardous.
Make a special effort not to inhale any of the material from the filter during
cleaning.  Wearing a dust mask is advised during removal, and until the filter
is flushed thoroughly with water.  Now, slide the filter screen frame
forward to remove.

Although the filter will not appear to be dirty because what is captured on the filter
is the same color as the filter.  Flush with warm soapy water and rinse.  Thoroughly
dry the filter before re-installing the filter.  Slide the bottom edge of the filter into the
bottom slot.  This is a tight fit, and when the filter in almost all the way in, it will be
necessary to put your hand in the opening and gently guide the filter forward and to the
left so that it fits flat along the screen rail.  When in place, install the front piece
with the Phillips head screw.

Dryer Operation

It is recommended that you operate the dryer for about 20 minutes to warm it up
and let the temperature stabilize before drying your first coating.  Start out at the
mid-point setting on the temperature controller.  Printers report drying at a temperature
of 105 degrees F in about 3-4 minutes for the larger prints.  With the included thermometer
you can determine the best drying temperature, fan speed,  and time for your
paper and chemistry.  Once your temperature and fans speed are set, use the main
off/on switch to turn you unit off and on, and it will not be necessary to reset them.

Enjoy no more hair dryer waving.

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