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          • ABS Sinks are Corrosion Resistant Construction for Long Life in the Darkroom Environment.
          • ABS is a chemical resistant space age plastic used to make football helmets.
          • Available in White or Black ABS 1/4" thick.

Can't find a catalogue sink to suit your darkroom construction project?

Call or e-mail to discuss your darkroom sink needs for a design to fit your application,  512-267-4274 (central time zone) or e-mail eepjon@aol.com

What to do when you need 16 feet of sink?  Order 2 - 8 foot sinks!

Sizes up to 48" long and under  X  up to 36" wide . . . . . . . . . . . $500.00
Sizes up to 49" long up to 72" long  X  up to 36" wide  . . . . . . . . $625.00
Sizes up to 73" long up to 96" long  X  up to 36" wide  . . . . . . . . $750.00

Sinks are made custom to order to fit your darkroom, and are not stocked.  Front edge is 4" high and Back edge is 6" high.  Front and back edges can be made equal heights.  Drain Fitting(s) Included.
Prices Subject to Change Shipping Charges Extra Prices F.O.B. Austin, Texas, USA
Questions:  512-529-0538 or email: eepjon@aol.com
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